Warm Up Exercises for Trampolinists

By | August 29, 2020

Recommended Trampoline Warm Up Exercises

Before you use it trampoline, it is important to do stretching and a few preliminary exercises before you start to have fun. Like any form of exercise that involves using your legs, back, or your core, you need to be limber and ready for what is to come. Although jumping up and down on a trampoline may not seem that invigorating, you can exercise very well on these fun filled circular or square units. If you want to do some exercises prior to using the trampoline, here are a few that are recommended if you want to warm up.

Jumping Jacks

Although this might seem to be the last type of warm up exercise that you would want to do on an elite trampoline, it’s actually very useful. When you do jumping jacks, you are not going to be bouncing very high at all. It also allows you to acclimate to the moving floor of the trampoline. This will help you maintain your balance, prepare your core, and allow your muscles to get more blood.

Bunny Hopping

This is an exercise that is named for obvious reasons. The primary difference between hopping like a rabbit, and a human hopping, is that the rabbit is going to be hopping forward. In this case, especially on these warm up exercises, you are just doing slight jumps that will only take you a few inches off the ground. These are useful as you will learn how to properly time your jumps. You can use the springy surface to catapult yourself higher every time. Therefore, it’s not just about getting your blood flowing and preparing your muscles for exercising. It is designed to help you maintain balance when you are using a trampoline for exercises.

Skipping In A Circle

This exercise is also designed to help you maintain your balance. However, it is the fastest way to get your blood flowing through your extremities. You will also experience cardiovascular benefits by doing this. Finally, it allows you to get better at timing your skips so that you can go higher with each successive one. If you do this in a circle, it is recommended that you do half of them clockwise and half of them counterclockwise. This will help prevent getting dizzy.

Unless you are preparing to do exercises with the trampoline for a tournament, you are likely just doing this to help yourself improve your dexterity, leg strength, and cardio. Using a trampoline doesn’t have to be difficult at all. What you need to do is warm up prior to using one every time so that you will be much more fluid when you are jumping up and down. By understanding how to time each landing, you can bounce higher. This is part of the fun of using a trampoline. You can avoid most injuries by warming up doing exercises prior to exercising. It is one of the best ways to improve your balance, build leg strength, and improve the way that you feel.