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New Trampoline Shops

As the spring and summer begin to heat up we’re seeing demand for garden trampolines soar, and many models are sold out months and months in advance. New Trampolines for 2021 As the the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm and that has never been more true than with trampolines in 2021.… Read More »

Warm Up Exercises for Trampolinists

Recommended Trampoline Warm Up Exercises Before you use it trampoline, it is important to do stretching and a few preliminary exercises before you start to have fun. Like any form of exercise that involves using your legs, back, or your core, you need to be limber and ready for what is to come. Although jumping… Read More »

Trampolining in Ireland

Reasons Why Kids Love Trampolining During COVID 19 Lockdown COVID-19 has really changed the way adults live. However, even more so, it has changed the way children are living. After all, children are used to expending a lot of their energy outdoors which is simply not possible right now with the lockdown. This is not… Read More »

Trampolining Online Ireland

Welcome to Trampolining Ireland Thank you for visiting Trampolining Online Ireland. Trampolining is one of the most exciting and powerful forms of garden activity that exists. Its great for building strength and endurance in your legs, developing co-ordinated movement and propriception in your limbs and most important of all, its fantastic fun. Now, its important… Read More »